This Grandpa is proud of his family... Rob, Jaime, Hannah, Olivia and Ryle

Olivia (6) & Hannah (8)  Memorial Day 2015


Jaime, Hannah and Sarah ... Nice photos... She was over showing her Bridal photos.. 

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Jaime had a birthday on Aug 29th.. She was 30! Can you believe this.. Anyway, her mom made her a Scrap Book with all the photos she could find. It was really nice too.. Maybe you can see how it was received.. below..

How about the Water Girl... Daddy's Gal...

We seem to have a Water Girl...

The Scrap Book as I said..

See the Tears... it was good... It was a Mother Daughter moment!

Hannah was even happy too...

Jaime and Rob have built a new home.. Now you can see the photos as I take them. I really like this new place.


There is still some construction going on but for the most part it is all done.

these are the same room. I just went from one corner to the other.. Nice isn't it..

This is in the kitchen just before dinner..


Well, today is Aug 21 2008 you can see they have come a long way. Very Nice too..

Then there was yet another wedding.... Amber then Sarah.... along with two lucky guys...


Our lovely Amber is married.. I have been bad and not added them to the web in time.. Actually, I lost them on my Hard Drive then I needed High speed.. I'on the go again..


My Beautiful Daughter and her Beautiful best friend.. Now there is also a lucky set of guys involved too...

Amber and her parents  ....

The Girls and the stories is they would only tell us all of them...?

One happy Mom, is it she doesn't have to worry about Amber now or is it she knows Amber is on good hands... and lucky ones too...

Yep, nice tooch eh?

Lucky Guy



Our Little Sarah is Married.. she is a sweet gal and he is a lucky guy...

Jaime & Sara


As you can see we have a partial Family Photo...


Jaime (not mine) is a fun loving gal as you can see.. Mine is too!

The Three who?

Girls love to dance.. and they start at a young age..

The speech... and it was so good.

I am Very Proud if my Daughter Jaime and her husband Rob, here is the new home they are building today. It will be ready to move into this summer.. It's Beautiful..


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