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After Oct. 23, 2010 you can view the deer on this page. Follow this link...
How do you like this in your back yard... Nice eh?


Lake of the clouds

Boys and the toys..

Bittner at his best... Like Father like son..

Check out the time on the camera...

Love it....


Dad & Jason have a new toy.. well a place to store our toys then...

Dad has a new ride and with Electric start and Reverse too... Now to ride it..


As you can see I had Transmission troubles just to add to my other bad days.

This was the broken part.. not good as you can see..


Thank goodness Jason is a good son and knows just what to do.. 

Bug the Ol Man!

Yes, I broke it....

On July 3rd Jason hit a tree while he was riding on his motor cycle.. It was not good.. He his this tree and wrapped his leg around it.. Now he is off work and will be for some time.. He had surgery once already but he now has to have his ACL attached too.. It's been pretty painful...

These are the photos just before they took out the staples.. I told him I can take them out in the garage but that wasn't on his mind.. darn!

Just think when you hit the trails again...

Dad's Helper now..





As you can see he sure has a nice home now.. and it's all done..

The photos below are all of the walk in basement Jason has.. I use the bedroom there and it's so nice and quiet here.. I do enjoy it..


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