Bob & Jim

Listen to Vance   Little Drummer

Bec has a web site on the Ice

                                Okraszewskis' Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

Jim & Clare have a new Grand daughter "Miai".. here is the photos I have...

Miai April 2012

Easter time 2012

Warm Spring Day 2010

Fall 2010

Spring at Jim's

spring time

Buck 6 Pointer

Nice 6 pointer shot at Ray's Place in 2011

nice fish

Don't let him kid you , he bought this at the market? hehehe

Mud Lake

There is a must read article that was written by Bob, Jim and Clare's neighbor. It's a classic...

Bob & Jim

Loggen days again....

Wood Hauling

As you can see "Red Eye Logging" is still in good working order, well somewhat?

Wood for winter


Today I had company at my new home.. It was my best friends and my God Daughter.. What a great way to start the holiday season.. I love it when they come by.

Jim, Ray & Leah

Yep, it's a Rose between two Thorns..

I just love this Photo... Dog and Buddy!

Meet Cisco....

Wolf Tracks

I thought you might like to see a couple pics of what I have been up to recently. One is a photo of a dog sled race I worked on. It was a fun weekend. The other is of a wolf track that I followed today. My neighbor saw a wolf this morning and he called to ask if I wanted to help him track it. Turned out to be three or four wolves and they came from around our way and moved south across the highway B. They were very close to our place. I'll have to keep an eye on Cisco.
Also came across coyote tracks, much smaller but still distinctive. I hope all is well with you and that you are both enjoying the warm while I am having a great time in the cold.


Dog Sled Races 2009


Matt the Cat

CANDAC Operator

Matt's lucky Catch.. Bac

Postdoc, University of Toronto

My Best Buddy did it yet again.. Found two beautiful gals out in the woods.. Now, why retire with this luck..

Happy New Year to all...

Dinner anyone..

Christmas 2008

My Buddy Jim did it yet again...  He managed to bring his buck home from the bait pail (on it's own power & not leaking). He didn't even have ask me to help track this time. As you can see, Jim fed him an apple this year instead of the usual 30-30 woops!

Jims Buck

My Buddy Jim received an award that only 5 others have also been so lucky. I thought you too might like to read about his achievements.. I'm proud of you buddy!! 

 Follow this link.. Ray

As you can see we were enjoying our last day together again.. After 35 plus years we kinda figured it out... Just kick back and relax... You just can't find a better friend..

We're going Fishing as you can see....

da Captain...

Fish On!!!????

How about his nice photo.. Yes, it's an Eagle...

He's watching us and finally he flew the coup...



Vance managed to show us how to catch a fish.. it's a nice Pike.


How's this view out of Jim's back yard.. Nice eh?


Jim's Retired they said and look what the first thing he has to do! Cut down another Tree!!!

Retired and still cutting wood..

Training has begun as you can see.. actually, Jim said he is just playing with the Pup...

As you can see Jim has a new Puppy, Cisco....  



Another Project as you can see...

The water is begging for us to come and fish..  



Yep, Jim has an Eagle in his yard now..  



Meet Cisco...  




There is a new float at the lake.. Guess who has it...

              This is Retirement....

         Are the fish biting.....

     Ooooo... It's nice to have friends....

            Lunch at the "Okra Cafe" on the "Okra II'

              East Bay Resort

Check back tomorrow.. more photos coming...



Hey all,
Here's a picture of three Okra's on Angel Island in San Francisco Bay. It was a nice five mile hike around the island and the weather was great. Had great food, saw interesting stuff and enjoyed seeing Teresa again while in California


My friend is gone. Spook and I miss him already. We plan to bury him in a favorite grouse cover tomorrow.  I know many of you liked that dog near as much as I did. Just thought you’d want to know.