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What's my sister been up to these days you ask?

This is Melanie, Linda and  Patrice. We went to see 2 programs this

 past weekend Friday and Sat.

Melanie has been busy as you can see.. off to the Opera...

Let's Dance?

the three of us... stuck like glue!

The Family.. at Christmas 2008

What beauty...

Our little "Tea Pot"!

We found the tree..

Melanie, Patrice and her three beautiful girls...

My friend and I worked on repairing many of these stars for the parade on thanksgiving.

My Sister managed to find the Camper wagon she was looking for..

Now she is ready for the summer camp out.. Enjoy it Mel..



Don't ask me why? My sister likes Bears...

Dinner for two? and not me?

Melanie has a new Honda too..


Melanie had a birthday Feb 10th. she went to England so enjoy it as you can see.. here is a few photos she sent to me..

Windsor Castle on Sunday What a birthday treat!!! 

Stonehenge on Monday on our way to Liverpool to visit the Beatles!

Where the Beatles got their start--sort of...

more to come.... I think I only have about 800 or so to choose from 

Film crew loading up equipment after filming the next Harry Potter movie in this Cathedral

Claud and David's home on Tasis International School grounds, Thorp, Surrey

Princes William and Harry's cars arriving.... we could see them in the last car back window...


Here one from Winchester Cathedral.

Windsor Castle 




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