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Well, when Ted the welder comes today he can then anchor the base plates.. He had some small cement screws with him and he has to buy some better ones.. We shall see what this day will bring then..

Moms Merry Christmas..

Mom has her new electric tooth brush.. Now she can polish her

There was a dance tonight at the Hall...

Look at twinkle toes on the floor ....

 Yep, it's mom.. .

Cam they keep up?

Everyone has been enjoying the evening..


Neil and Dee..

Look at the nice present Freida sent to mom.. Now mom has a lot of sweet things to gorge on ..

We had Turkey dinner here in the Hall.. It was very good and tender too.. I love the stuffing, spuds and all the "Fixens"! as they say...

This is John (orange shirt) and Barb.. they are Moms neighbors where Mel and Marilyn lived next door.

We had a table full.. These nice people were from Canada and are all French speaking..

They do speak some English and mom had a nice visit as always..

We can't forget Marilyn and Clarence.. We had a nice dinner and snacks too..

I wonder who Marilyn saw? Hummmm... not me..

Today I finally took a look at the photos we took on the trip.. Here are just a few for you to enjoy..

It was a nice drive and as you can see it was sunny all day..


Look at the rock cliffs..

I saw the pull off and so I took it.. I just knew it was a nice photo.. I had to walk down the trail somewhat but this is the photos I saw..

Me and My mom.. on the road again..

We made it as you can see..


Today we took off to Florida.. it's a beautiful day.. 10-31-08

As you can see the day has just begun

The Guard is watching them cut and chip next door...

We're loaded now and on the road..

What a nice day we have to travel..

Me and My Bike, Mom too..

I told mom to behave or it's a long ride on the bike to Florida..

How do you like my new GPS....

These guys just pulled up to stay the night with their wives.. It's a beautiful 1963 Chev Impala... It has a 355 and all chrome.. I love it too..It reminds me of my old 63?

Yep. this was our first night out too.. Me and Mom.. and da 63...

Rest stop in Ohio...

We stopped in to see Nancy & Ray... He had just returned from fishing on the Pier in Oscoda... One Bass on the string...

I got lucky, mom was making her famous (Zwetkin kuchen)  Plumb Cake..

If you paint the deck you can be fed see...

It was a wonderful sunny and warm day.

I bet you wish you were here now.. Ummmm good too.. !!!

Sorry, they are all gone now...

So good.

This is the walk behind moms place..

Jeff and Melanie....

Jeff has a new truck as you can see.. Only 691 miles on it today..

My Sister Melanie..

Our thanks to Lloyd.. He found this old photo .. It's our parents back in maybe 1967?

I can remember them all like this was last week.. Enjoy and thanks Lloyd.


Moms TV remote program file

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