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I was in Vietnam from September 1969 to September 1970. We were a great bunch of young guys. We did our jobs by day and pulled guard at night. It's a memory we'll carry for life. One we would not want to do again and yet I would not ever want to give up the experience. It's who we are!

I wish I knew where my old buddies were? I can't even remember the names anymore. Our memory seems to fade with time. If you see yourself please send me an e-mail. I would love to hear from you.

My buddy Larry (Wick) we called him is gone. He died of a heart attach about 15 years ago. I did go to see him for the last time and pass on my good bye to him. Some day we will meet again. I still remember one night we had a firefight, Wick was afraid of snakes.. Well, this night he managed to beat me into the bunker. Snakes or not, Wick was in first! Ah, I miss him....

We were 155th Transportation Company, 1st Log Division  Base HQ was in Cam Ranh Bay yet we were detached to the little town of Phan Thiet, Our base was called

LZ Betty

We had to be careful all the time. When we had a boat come in we didn't know what it was carring.. Ammunitions, lumber to what ever it takes to keep a war going!

You guessed it? I managed to drop a load of lumber on my "Headache Rack"! I was very lucky as you can see. A wave hit the boat, it shifted the boat but  there was no room for error!

This was my forklift. I called her "Vicky" After my girlfriend at the time. She is Number 53.

Can you believe there was a war going on? Look and you can see behind me we had guard towers set up too.. Yea, we did get hit from time to time.. I was on 3 day pass while here in Cam Ranh..

See the Army barges in the background..


Here we were on the road up to Whiskey Mountain ...

Yes, this is me when I was all of 20 years old..

This guy was from Down South as I remember. he and I were good buddies,. I wish I could remember his name too.. Time passes and so does the memory!


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